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05 July 2011 @ 07:28 pm
Has anyone seen one of these toys?

Particularly I'm looking for one in Canada (in Toronto)...

23 March 2011 @ 03:56 pm
I'm 6 weeks away from having my second baby. My daughter will be about 19 months old when my little guy is born. I've already bought a double stroller but I'd like to mostly use a single stroller for my daughter and wear my newborn/infant.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on a double stroller vs. single stroller + sling?

I wore my daughter pretty frequently when she was an infant but I mostly used a carrier that my Grandma bought me at a garage sale, like a knock-off Baby Bjorn. I also used a homemade "Hotsling" style carrier that my cousin made for me but I didn't like that one much after my daughter got out of the newborn stage because it just seemed uncomfortable for her. 

And can you recommend a sling/carrier?
10 March 2011 @ 12:17 pm
I am looking for any reviews on a play yard I bought online last night. It had no reviews yet.
I got the Bright Starts InGenuity Sleep Easy play yard.
I found a review online but it seemed like a paid advertisement.

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05 March 2011 @ 11:54 am
 My 17 month old daughter takes her bath every night in the regular bathtub and we fill it up with probably 4-5 inches of water.

My son is due May 1st and I'm looking for a baby bath that I can set in the tub so I can bathe them both at the same time. The style of baby tub I used with my daughter floats in water so I'm thinking a mesh bath would work well... I want to order this one: Summer Infant Baby Bather

Does anybody have any experience or advice on this?
02 February 2011 @ 04:38 pm
I've just picked up my second pram... and still haven't had my first child ;)

I guess I'm curious what thought processes you all went through when picking a pram.

I live in the country (wheatbelt Western Australia) and so needed something that could cope with the fact that every where is gravel, deep curbs and dusty.  I got a mountain buggy from a friend and it's seemingly perfect. Just need to get new tyre tubes for it - something my father in law is oddly excited about doing so I'll leave it up to him.

For the country pram I needed robust, strong, tall (my husband and his family are all very tall) and it really didn't need to be pretty - functional was the play. 

But after playing with it here lightly in the city (where we are whenever we feel like it - wheat farming really is busy a few patches of the year, and literally watching the grass grow other times)... while it turns on the spot, is super easy to push one handed, and is slim enough to 'fit through a normal shopping checkout' I didn't like the weight of it, and didn't want to have to haul it back and forth with the baby and everything else between the country house and the city one.

So I bought a Combi Well Comfort today (second hand - I'm not into buying prams for full price until I know I love them). It's actually really oddly sweet. It's really light (4.2kilos is seriously light! It's not much more than a US gallon of milk!) and while it looks plasticky from a distance it's actually really sturdy. I think it's an alumninum frame... it's sweet, cute, just the right height for me (I'm an average five foot five) and did I mention it folds up tiny and light? I was able to carry it up the driveway with just one hand SWINGING IT.

I wanted something that was small, compact, light, newborn to stroller without being insanely expensive (like the bugaboos are - too expensive for part time use!) and one handed operation. This is all of these. It will fit easily into my little city hatchback without me having to mess with the baby capsule straps behind the seats, and it will take me to any cafe, shop or other place I want that has smooth floors and tight turns. It certainly won't do on very uneven ground though.

Both prams fold up in a single set of movements - unlock the safety clasps and literally lift. Bingo. Both are not too heavy (MB is 10kg, Combi is 4kg), both have swivel wheels blah blah normal stuff, and both have single handed pushing - a bar handle rather than individual ones. I'm not much of a 'big handbag girl' and don't carry much (even the baby bag I've got is just a small backpack or messenger bag) so these seem to suit me well.

I did bookmark a TWENTY ONE KILO (somewhere near 40lbs)  pram today - to re-look at in future when I feel resentful of either of these prams.

What are the thought processes you went through, what have you liked and not liked about the prams you got and what choices would you make differently?
19 January 2011 @ 10:56 pm

I was deadset on getting the Kolcraft Contours Tandem stroller because a friend of mine has two kids about the same age that mine will be (once my son is born, of course) but I just realized tonight that it doesn't have a food tray and with my 15 month old, that has been a massively useful feature throughout her life.

So, what are my options now? I want something like the Kolcraft where my newborn can face me, under about $200, and it definitely needs to have food tray(s)!


Edit: I just found this: Sit n' Stand Elite Double Stroller and it's affordable at about $170, the reviews look pretty good,.. but its not any special name brand or anything. Does anyone have experience with this one?

18 January 2011 @ 11:31 am
Okay, so we absolutely LOVE our wipes warmer. Diaper changes have gone from screaming torture to happy playtime since we got it. But I've noticed that my wipes smell of mildew! I use cloth wipes, and washing them gets the smell out, but it comes right back. Is there any cure for this? Switching to disposable wipes would be a pain in the butt--I like just tossing them in the wash with my dipes. What are your wipes-warmer experiences, especially with cloth wipes?
12 January 2011 @ 04:13 pm
I'm starting to think seriously about how I'm going to keep my child clean. As a family, we try to limit the amount of chemicals we use whenever possible, even (especially) on ourselves. I am a big fan of Dr. Bronners, and I was wondering if anyone has ever used his Baby Mild Liquid Soap? On an actual baby, I mean? Did you like it/not like it? What else would you recommend?


11 January 2011 @ 02:23 pm
I saw this comm in parenting101  and I'm glad I found it. I had asked if there was anything I wouldn't think of to register for via my upcoming baby shower (baby number one - want to do this right, lol), or, conversely, if there was something everybody would think I'd need that I really wouldn't, and I received great advice. And then I realized I had one more slightly silly question to ask.
I'm having a girl. Is there anything special I would need versus if I had been having a boy? I would imagine not, but even so, any advice would be great!
I'm in the market for a tandem stroller that can seat two--a brand-new infant in a bucket seat, and my son who'll be two when the new baby is born. My one MUST-HAVE feature is the ability to position the infant's bucket seat rear-facing, so I can see my newborn face-to-face. As far as I can tell, this one criterion narrows my options down to a Joovy Ergo Caboose or a Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem (I or II).

Right now, I'm leaning toward the Joovy, because I love the notion that when Baby 2 is a little older and transitions out of the bucket seat, my older son will be able to choose to walk alongside us or hitch a ride on the "jumpseat"/rear platform. The Joovy only actually comes with one full-on kid seat plus the jumpseat, which I'm thinking might shrink its footprint a little bit... although I don't know that for certain, having only researched them online and never seen either one in person.
On the other hand, though, the Kolcraft model is significantly less expensive, which is an important consideration for our limited budget. Plus, the Kolcraft's two seats are configurable in so many ways, which strikes me as pretty cool--the kids can face each other, etc; what a nice idea!

Do you have any hands-on experience with either of these models? I would love to know what you think! Especially if you've looked at both; I've searched high and low for direct comparisons between the two, but can't find any online.

Or maybe you know of another tandem stroller that a) accommodates two children of different ages b) will accept a bucket seat in a rear-facing position?

Also, we were given a stroller with our first so we really never did any research at all into various models. How important would you say a physical test drive is? Joovys seem kind of hard to find in-store, so I am wondering whether I really need to track one down to examine it myself, or can just trust what I read online.

06 January 2011 @ 03:27 pm
We live in the city, and don't have a car. Obviously, we'll still need a car seat though.

Any recommendations for car seats (either convertible or infant bucket...leaning towards skipping the bucket and going for the convertible since it'd be rarely used anyway) that are easier to install/remove as needed? I guess we'd mainly be using it on the occasions when we rent a car when we are leaving the city (to visit friends, family, etc).
05 January 2011 @ 05:59 pm
There seems to be an age-old rivalry in the parenting community between the boppy and the My Brest Friend. I have heard people swear up and down that they just couldn't live without one over the other. For my part, when holding my friends' baby, I found the boppy to be totally and completely adorable, but really uncomfortable after a while. It just seemed too low and it didn't fit right over my lap, but that could be because of my growing belly. :) 

Some others tell me that I'll want to get both, the MBF for breastfeeding and the boppy for holding the baby, for tummy time, for newborn lounging. 

What do you think? Which pillow did you like better? Do you think it makes sense to register for both?
05 January 2011 @ 12:47 pm
Welcome! I hope this community will be useful.

Please feel free to suggest any additional resources and tags for this community.